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On and off since Alex and I started talking seriously I’ve skimmed academic and science articles on hormone replacement therapy.

Depending on who you read adding estrogen will make a MTF transsexual: submissive, asexual or decide that binary gender concepts are naÔve. (Naturally I agree with the last.)

It is with concern and curiosity that I wonder how the biochemical witch’s brew will affect her heart and mind.

And I don’t have any way to know.


I havent done any personal research on the matter but, from surface readings and knowing how science has handled other similiar matters, I think there are a lot of biased opinions on hormones. Your best chance would be to talk with someone who has already went through them.

Thankfully the doctor Ė a FTM transsexual himself Ė sounds excellent.

Since consciousness is chemical and hormone levels can have such an impact on someoneís life Iím just wondering. Not really worried. Canít help but wonder.

I’ve been on hormones for about 2 weeks now, and the only difference I’ve noticed so far is that my sexuality has leveled out, and my sexual fantasies have started to gravitate toward feeling rather than contact…. I can’t really describe what I mean there….

Also, I’m much less… edgy.

This is just one person’s 2-week-old experience… but from what I’ve read this sounds very common.

How has it continued to go with the HRT? From what Iíve read that your sexuality for a time might be more directed toward emotion and sensuality is a fairly common response.

Are you contemplating SRS?

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about HRT?.

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