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When Alex returned hormone replacement therapy had given her breasts. Though in my mind she had long since had them there’s no denying the new convexity was a pleasure.

She also seemed in some indefinable way more feminine. Perhaps more female is truly apt. Nothing explicit had changed in her behavior. And my sense of femininity is markedly atypical, loving as I always have swishy, glittery gay males.

My guess is that finally being allowed female hormones and probably her new breasts enhances her since that she is more fully who she sees herself as.

Of course the estrogen affects her mood directly. Pity much of what is on the web about HRT is dubious anecdote, little more than urban legend.

Her female presence enveloped me: too lovely for words.


That is lovely that you appreciate her as she makes her transition from male to female. The female hormones will give her a woman’s body; soft skin, women’s breasts and hips,and a more feminine, ladylike attitude.

It is impossible to really transition from male to female without them. They did wonders in transforming me into a lady.

I also had facial femininzation surgery, facial and chest hair removal with laser and electrolysis, and women’s breast implants. Is your lovely transexual lady being feminized in those ways also?

As a beautiful, feminine pre-op transexual woman, who has a handsome, masculine man who loves her, it is important that you love and suppport your lady as she makes her wonderful and exiting transition to being a beautiful, feminine transexual lady.

Is you transexual lady also planning on being castarated, and given a beautiful vagina, or would you prefer to keep her as a pre-op transexual lady?

My panseuxality means that I will love Alex regardless of bodily configuration.

She wants full SRS. Were she to prefer to live as a “hermaphrodite” that would be fine as well.

As long as she feels happy then I will be.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about HRT: Breasts and More.

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