Long Distance Tears

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Alex was back from mid-March to mid-June. It had been all too close to a year since her last visit home.

While there are the inevitable asymmetries after separation our in person romance slid snugly into place.

The desolation of her returning to England hit me strongly last night.

Many old romantic farces and screwball comedies are coming out on DVD. During one last night Cole Porter’s Night and Day was performed. I don’t think when the tears first trickled out I was aware of them.

I don’t know if my sadness was hidden from me or the lyrics dampened my mood.

The silly old movies I’m always fond of. But my intent was to use them as insulation from the distress of a long distance love affair.

A bad idea perhaps. But I’ll give Fred Astaire and Gershwin a try before I decide.

Your feelings?

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