Misperceptions and Stress

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During the chat that enabled us to state and accept that our relationship couldn’t continue I got a much clearer picture of the depth of the stress that Alex was experiencing.

Some of the things she said to me differed so widely from my own perception and recollection they sounded like hallucinations.

And I was startled when she references minor contretemps and frictions dating back to the beginning of our romance.

It was horrifically reminiscent of the worst of life with Charles. His life of perpetual emotional pain left his memory of events often weirdly distorted. And it seemed that there had never been an irritation or grudge he’d ever managed to forget much less forgive.

Not that Alex ordinarily reminded me of Charles. That her ability to process experience clearly was so badly compromised was proof if nothing else that the effort to sustain our romance cost far too much.

Hopefully what I can only call - even if it seems arrogant - her sanity is restored.

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Pansexual Sodomite
Loving a Transsexual
Misperceptions and Stress
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