The Beginning of Our Love

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I’m glad Alex kept track. Given our long and exhaustive email correspondence it was hard for me to think of a date. But the day she walked off the airplane is an obvious choice.

In many ways it seems as if my sexual evolution was almost plotted by some pansexual daemon to make me Alex’s partner. And the depth of our harmony makes her physical distance so painful some days and nights.

Alex writes of the beginning of our fleshly time together:

It was Tuesday the 14th of December of 2004 when I first made the 4000-mile journey from London to North Carolina. …

Our Anniversary


Congratulations. How many times am I going to repeat myself: I hope things work out for you two. I can’t think of a better match. Well…actually I can, but that was in a dream I had in Isle of Wight.

No wait.

;-) pristine

I hope we can make it work. Though we have a tough foe in the American government. I had no idea immigration had become so tough.

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