Transsexual Dating?

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When I see all these ads about Dating a Transsexual I’m of two minds.

Sure: transsexuals need people to spend time with, to love and to love them.

But if you are sitting there wishing you had a transsexual girlfriend do you really think what she wants is what you want?

Does it even occur to you that she has wants?

I wonder how many transpersons find partners. I hope it is more than I often think and the binding is saner, healthier than I expect.

Not that I suspect there’s any problems on the trannies’ side.


I see this kind of thing a LOT on Literotica. I am a moderator for the GLBT message board there, and I see a lot of people saying they think transwomen must be the best of both worlds, etc. They almost always want a chick with a dick, not a transwoman. It drives me crazy that people don’t realize there are human beings on the other side of their fantasy.

I assume it is what passes through most guys minds when they think of mtf transvestites and transsexuals. Probably the only thing that saved me from it was somehow winding up with a sexuality that is strongly shaped by the other personís self-perceptions.

There must be a good neologism in that.

I am a wannabe transexual and the response I get from men when I meet them for sex is not a nice response about my feelings at all. They enjoy the sex since I perform as a woman and I put all the passion I have into the sexual act. What man doesn’t like a girl licking them to death and then making them cum. Once they are done, they treat me bad almost laughing at me. It hurts my feelings quite a bit but I need men to love. I try to date ts’s and tv’s and let them know that I want to be the girl for the night. They enjoy it alot and they don’t treat me bad the whole night. They actually become very dominant men sexually, but never treat me bad. They truly have much more compassionate and sensuality than any gay man I’ve dated. I love you girls.

I’m not really sure whether I’m contributing much to the issue, but I just want to say thanks for providing me with a place to find useful information and good discussion about dating a transsexual. I have no idea how common my experience is but I am “dating” a transsexual that I met on line. Through out chats we have fallen deeply in love with each other. With her help and advice, I have found the courage to confront that long-hidden part of myself. I recently came out to my wife and eldest daughter as well as some close friends. The ripples from this rock in the lake have already caused much grief, but so far I have got through much of it and feel ready to deal with the boatload of b.s. that is still to come. I realize that the road ahead is rocky and that there is sadly much hatred and derision out there; even from those who call me friends or family, but I am steeled by her love for me and by my own resolve to be who I truly am. I am breathing easier since I finally had the courage to be honest with myself. Without revealing too much naivete (too late?), I am glad that I am not alone in my love for my ts and that your site is one of many I can find help, compassion, and understanding. Long story short (again, too late)…..thanks.

Ok guys, let me explain something to you handsome men. I am a very beautiful and very feminine male to female transexual lady. I have been completely feminized; I am on female hormones, have had my facial and chest hair removed, had breast implants, extensive facial feminization surgery to give me a beautiful woman’s face, etc.. I look, walk, talk, dress and act, just like a lady, in fact most people would never believe I was once male.

I also wear dresses and skirts, earrings, jewelry, makeup, fashion scarves, etc., and dress as an ultra-feminine lady. I look like the actress Cameron Diaz, I am beautiful, feminine, tall, slender, with a 36-24-34 figure, and have blue eyes, with long blonde hair.

I am with a very handsome, masculine man who considers himself hetrosexual (he is divorced, he was married and has kids with a genetic woman), and considers me a lady.

What people don’t understand about transexual women is that we are women. Very beautiful, attractive, feminine transexual women have no problem getting dates with men, most of those men consider themselves hetrosexual,some of them like pre-op transexual women, some like post-op, some like both, and some also like genetic women. Homely transexual women, like homely genetic women, don’t get as many dates with men. We are women, whether we are pre-op, non-op, or post-op. Everything about us is feminine and ladylike. We dress, look, live, and act as women.

If you want to understand transexual women, then realize it is no different than understanding hetrosexual genetic women, because most transexual women consider ourselves hetrosexual women. We are just transladies instead of genetic ladies, but we are ladies.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Transsexual Dating?.

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