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It was interesting to see the death of Alexander Toth ripple through the web.

Bloggers took note because Toth designed Space Ghost. Hardly Alex Toth’s greatest accomplishment.

I think it was about the time that comic books went to a fifteen cents cover price. Joe Orlando took over what DC Comics called their “mystery” titles, including House of Mystery, House of Secrets - can’t remember which of the old Jack Schiff titles were still being published.

Toth, likely the greatest extender of Noel Sickles insights after Caniff; surely the most considerable in comic books hit his stride, reached his acme.

Toth’s sure grasp of storytelling made the trite scripts interesting.

And he was doing the most marvelous things with color. It has been years but there was one story that I remember for the use of orange and brown - the plot I forget - that seemed the most remarkable series of pages ever produced in conventional comic books.

Alex Toth pretty much vanished from comic books not long thereafter. I have no idea why. He surely wasn’t enthusiastic about superheroes.

And how he might’ve follow up those few amazing pages I can’t imagine. It was pure aesthetic bliss.

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