Aphrodisiac Gangsters

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There are no virgins in Virgins from Hell but I’m sure the lame title is the fault of the US distributor.

An elderly couple is unwise enough to refuse to sell their isolated farm to a group of gangsters who decide to murder them and take what they want. The couple’s daughter, leading a group of motorcycle riding girls who favor brightly colored PVC boots and miniskirts, vows revenge.

The girls are easily routed and we settle down to what is really just a variation on women in prison. There’s lots of - depending on your slant - sadism or misogyny: the girls are beaten, have their heads shoved under water and forced to pull carts and pick coconuts.

The gang is an unusual group of drug runners. They’ve kidnapped a scientist and forced him to perfect a female aphrodisiac that they plan to smuggle in the coconuts. You can’t help but laugh at the plot. Anyone who perfected such a thing would make billions selling it to women through conventional channels. No need to peddle it to men in back alleys.

Naturally with the help of a young medical students, after many explosions, triumph.

For me the best part was the kindly old traditional healer who got a friendly snake to crawl in our hero’s leg to retrieve a bullet.

Only worth watching if you are addicted to Indonesian exploitation movies.

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