Batman and Robin fight crime in the UK

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The thrice-awful photos of these two characters would've dissuaded Frederic Wertham from claiming that Batman and Robin had a covertly homoerotic relationship.

THEY used to clean up the mean streets of Gotham City – but now the Caped Crusader and his loyal sidekick are taking on a new challenge.

That’s right folks! Batman and Robin have been on the streets of Whitley, saving damsels in distress, scaring wrongdoers and even chasing naked men from football pitches.

Race is on to unmask Reading's very own Batman and Robin

The mystery men running around town dressed as Batman and Robin have vowed that their venture will continue and no law-breaker will be safe from their grasp.

And in an exclusive interview with the Evening Post from inside their secret South Reading Batcave our superheroes reveal the motives behind their crime-busting crusade.

We go inside the batcave

It must be a silly newspaper publicity stunt.

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Batman and Robin fight crime in the UK
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