Crimson Executioner Screams for Blood!

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Bloody Pit of Horror is probably the funniest movie Mariska Hartigay’s dad ever starred in.

Mickey Hartigay plays a bodybuilder-actor who felt that associating with common people would corrupt the perfection of his body and the purity of his soul. So he retreats to a long-abandoned castle that had once been the home of a medieval serial killer, the Crimson Executioner. CE looked something like a masked pro wrestler.

Years later a group of photographers and models stumble across his castle looking for a venue for a photo shoot for the cover of a horror anthology. Amazingly enough one of the women is the fiancÚ the self-preening bodybuilder had long ago left without explanation. Against his better judgment he agrees to let the group stay the night.

The site of his old girlfriend sends his fragile ego off the deep end and he decides to adopt the identity of the Crimson Executioner. He starts murdering and - for the time - brutally torturing the models.

It is all running about, sadism and screams until the hero triumphs. No real pacing to dynamism, it is just time to end the movie.

The four people who thought up and wrote the movie chose to share some of the blame with De Sade but this is one crime of which the Marquis is innocent.

Fun, if inept Italian Eurotrash cinema for those of us with a taste for it.

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