Cruel World

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Jamie Pressley's lingerie scene from Cruel World.
Jamie Pressly in Cruel World.

I sent for Cruel World because I like Edward Furlong and Jamie Pressly (well, she was so fetching as a domiantrix in the third Poison Ivy movie).

Pressly is in the movie for about five minutes.

Furlong spends most of his time sitting in a chair smoking cigarettes and getting drunk. I don’t think the liquor was a prop. That he drifts and stumbles through the movie in amiable intoxication is about the only thing enjoyable about the film.

Cruel World is one of those movies that is most easily summed up by what it isn’t: engaging or involving.

You don’t care if the characters survive or die. The deaths - even when they are on screen - aren’t inventive or scary. The movie just sort of happens for a hour and a half. The only reason I watched the whole movie is because I often force myself to.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Cruel World.

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