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I know I’m never going to have luck with Japanese anime since I’m limiting myself to what Netflix has available.

The high quality Japanese cartoon movies are too nice to interest me. The adventure films are too simple without touching on the kind of simplicity that really draws me (which is early 20th century American).

Netflix doesn’t carry anything really edgy or Yaoi anime that is more than mildly coy.

Even if they had tentacle animations those just aren’t for me. It is difficult for my erotic imagination to grasp who can really enjoy some monster who plugs all of a woman’s openings.

But having had a really fun time watching the live action Cutie Honey a few months back I’d had the cartoon Cutey Honey in my Netflix queue for months.

In the anime Cutey Honey changes look and clothing frequently, shifting from dominatrix with whip to armored warrior to whatever. During each transition she is momentarily naked. That is the gimmick. And it is a funny gimmick for a half hour. Then just routine. And however shapely and mobile we’re talking about cartoon breasts, not a woman of flesh.

The associated characters are pretty typical of Japanese anime: young boy who is just overwhelmed by her beauty (especially those breasts, even when covered) and the dirty old man / mentor. Bad guys show up and are defeated. End of story.

Disc One was plenty for me. No reason to watch the second one.

But there are probably plenty of teenage boys for whom this is pretty exciting stuff.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Cutey Honey.

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