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I have to confess that my libido - which is currently acting more like someone else’s, almost as if I’m possessed by the lust of a dead soul - does sometime effect what goes into my Netflix queue.

Many months ago I added Dr. Alien to my queue. Only because it starred (well it said that but she’s not in the film that much) 80s TV bimbo Judy Landers. Now I don’t recall having a crush on either of the Landers sisters, nor even being much aware of either of them. Suddenly twenty odd years later I felt a compelling desire to see either of them.

In Dr. Alien Ms Landers is an alien from outer space who becomes a substitute college biology teacher. She’s come to earth to experiment on the passive and sexually inept male she can find. Once her lab rat is selected she injects him with ‘vitamins.’

In the most clichéd of fantasies the injections cause women to feel helpless desire for him. Or helpless in the face of their desire for him since the girls pretty much rape him. The vaccination causes a pseudopod with lips to pop out of the top of his head that sends out an irresistible mating call.

Turns out that like many alien visitors to earth her planet’s population is dying. Less typically because the men have all lost their sex drive.

Our young hero - with a psychology possible only to a cheap movie - doesn’t want to be the guy all girls want. He just wants this one nice girl. Naturally he gets her and the aliens get their high tech aphrodisiac.

For a trashy 1980s teen sex science fiction comedy the move was actually fun. Not that there’s anything remotely admirable or good about Dr. Alien but you don’t regret ‘wasting’ your time on this bit of silly fluff.

The biggest surprise - I wouldn’t have watched the movie had I known in advance - is that David DeCoteau filmed it. This was lots more fun than his half-assed horror movies of boys fighting the supernatural in their underwear.

Linnea Quigley in Dr. Alien.
Special effects as it were.

Linnea Quigley fans take note: she has several topless scenes. It also features Michelle Bauer who is my own for hottest 80s scream queen.

Aka I Was a Teenage Sex Maniac and I Was a Teenage Sex Mutant.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Dr. Alien.

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