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Naively I thought I’d do a better job of recording all the movies I’ve been watching. Not that I expect to greatly enrich the topic. But it would be handy for me to be able to look back and see my response.

If I didn’t bother to rate the movies I get from Netflix I would’ve had them send some of them more than once. When you are focusing on the screwball romantic comedies of the 30s and 40s the films can begin to blend together.

But when I watch something like Cutie Honey there’s no danger of me forgetting it.

I’ve never seen the Cutey Honey - I don’t know if the different spellings were intentional or not - cartoons. All I really know about them is that she becomes nude during the transitional sequence when her costume appears.

As in the cartoons Cutie Honey died in a car wreck only to be reanimated by her scientist father. Not only did his secret technology bring her back to life but it made her immortal and gave her superpowers.

The basic plot is so very typical of much Japanese adventure stuff be it martial arts or anime. A bunch of ruthless, very powerful folks with “claw” in their names are part of a conspiracy to steal something that will enable them to do terrible evil.

But who watches this kind of stuff for the plot?

Cutey Honey - who needs huge amount of rice cakes and soda for power - arrives on the scene to thwart their schemes with varying effectiveness (were she able to win at the beginning we wouldn’t have much of movie).

By day she’s a very cute Japanese girl who works in a wearisome office serving coffee with relentless cheeriness. But when she touches the heart on her collar and says “Honey Flash!” she is transformed into a super heroine. Pretty pastel colors coruscate and all that. Nothing subtle.

I don’t have a thing for Japanese girls but her happy face is so very seductive. You can’t help but want her to win. Naturally she does. At the end she teaches an ancient evil being all the latter has missed in not understanding love. Pretty typical.

One of the best sequences is when Cutey is in her “civilian identity” wandering the streets in a variety of outfits owing much to Carnaby Street in the 1960s. Again, lost of pastels.

The movie is dopey, childish and simplistic.

But I like the Gamera movies in which a giant nuclear powered turtle hurtles about the cosmos saving children from creatures like evil alien women who want to eat the brains of little boys.

Fun for those who can enjoy idiotic innocence. Poison for the majority that can’t.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Honey Flash!.

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