Kane Richmond and Frankie Darro

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The other evening I had a Frankie Darro / Kane Richmond film festival in my living room.

Who you ask? It surprises me to not see some page celebrating this forgotten team of actors.

Frankie Darro was a short young guy who was able to perform youthful roles for years. The offspring of circus performers he could do his own stunts making him an early equivalent to Jackie Chan. With no stuntmen needed even acts like rushing to his car took on an extra level of energy.

In the pulp parlance of the time Frankie Darro would’ve been summed up as a “feisty bantam weight.”

Kane Richmond would’ve been a “square shouldered straight shooter.” When co-starring with Darro he was usually the romantic lead who got the girl. He was the star of many a cheap serial: scientist, athlete, whatever was needed. He was handsome without the charisma necessary for a successful sex symbol.

I’m surprised their partnership has been more celebrated. By himself Kane Richmond should’ve been the star of the Captain America serial. Together he and Frankie Darrio would’ve made an invincible Batman and Robin.

Like many stars of decades past they are pretty much forgotten.


Are you actually stating that Frankie Darro and Kane Richmond were a couple in their personal lives? Or are you merely projecting your own safe-sex fantasy ONTO them?

I’m aware of several genuine examples of same-sex couples in old-time closeted Hollywood. For instance, William Eythe and Lon McAllister were two handsome young actors who specialized in playing clean-cut youths onscreen. Offscreen, the two of them lived together in a long-term sexual relationship. I could cite more examples of this.

However, I’m not aware that Darro and Richmond were ever a gay couple in real life. In his later years, the pint-sized Frankie Darro found it difficult to graduate into adult roles. He ended up giving an uncredited performance in the movie “Forbidden Planet” as the guy inside the very unwieldy Robby the Robot costume. A gay robot?

Wendy, there’s nothing above about Darro or Richmond being gay or romantically involved. I was just talking about how I’d been watching some of the movies in which they both starred.


Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Kane Richmond and Frankie Darro.

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