Miss Death! Z Rays! Fatal Fingernails!

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Had I known this was a Jesus Franco* movie I probably wouldn’t have had Netflix send it to me.

Voluptuous and mysterious Miss Death in Dr. Z.

Doctor Zimmer, a neurophysiologist, has discovered which parts of the brain control ‘good’ and ‘evil’ (how nice to discover those are objective physiological attributes of the human being). And he has invented Z rays that can control, turn a being either way.

Sadly the mockery and condemnation of his peers gives him a heart attack and he dies.

What else can his daughter do but use his discoveries to seek revenge? After faking her own death she kidnaps the “voluptuous and mysterious” nightclub entertainer Miss Death to aid her in her quest. Once Miss Death’s is enslaved by the Z rays Ms Z coats her fingernails with a poison.

Given that Miss Death is one of those perfect 1960s blond women any man she offers himself to will simply surrender and lend himself to his own assassination. Oddly she kills only one bad scientist. The others die at the hands of Ms Z or another helper. But you can’t help but enjoy watching her on screen whatever she is doing.

Now, amazingly enough one of Dr. Zimmer’s supporters who was a friend of Ms Z’s is also Miss Death’s boyfriend. Through the miracles possible only in bad films he in the end saves the day.

A silly, senseless Euro-trash movie with lots of fun imagery and by and far and away the most entertaining Franco film I’ve ever watched.

* AKA :Joan Almirall, Rosa Maria Almirall, Rosa María Almirall, Clifford Brawn, Clifford Brown Jr., Clifford Brown, Juan G. Cabral, Betty Carter, Candy Coster, Terry De Corsia, Rick Deconinck, Raymond Dubois, Chuck Evans, Toni Falt, Dennis Farnon, Jess Franck, J. Franco, Jesse Franco, Jess Franco, Jesús Franco, A.M. Frank, Adolf M. Frank, Anton Martin Frank, Jeff Frank, Jess Frank, Wolfgang Frank, Manfred Gregor, Jack Griffin, Robert Griffin, Lennie Hayden, Frank Hollman, Frank Hollmann, Frarik Hollmann, Rick Deconinck in Italy, B.F. Johnson, J.P. Johnson, James Lee Johnson, James P. Johnson, David J. Khune, David Khune, D. Khunne Jr., D. Khunne, David J. Khunne, David Khunne, David Kuhne, David Kunne, David Kühne, Lulu Laverne, Lulú Laverne, Franco Manera, J. Franck Manera, J. Frank Manera, Jesus Franco Manera, Jesús Manera, Jeff Manner, Roland Marceignac, A.L. Mariaux, A.L. Marioux, John O’Hara, Preston Quaid, P. Querut, Dan L. Simon, Dan Simon, Jean-Jacques Tarbes, Dave Tough, Pablo Villa, Joan Vincent, Robert Zinnermann, Cole Polly, James Gardner.

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Miss Death! Z Rays! Fatal Fingernails!
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