Perverted magazine in public schools

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Some schools raise money by promoting magazine subscriptions among their students. Imagine a Grandville Michigan mom's surprise when the magazine her daughter ordered arrived and was discovered to be full of explicit sex. They probably frown on necking in Grandville.

One of the disturbing stories featured young girls in white socks. Filth like this from a magazine that is part of the same publishing company as Reader's Digest (now there's a dreary read).

Ottawa Hills High School library, part of the Grand Rapids Public Schools was going to actually carry this magazine so the students could read it in school.

A perverted wank-mag like Asimov's Science Fiction.

Sadly enough:

Plus, beginning with its July issue, which goes on sale in May, disclaimers will be put on every story with adult content.

Adult magazine part of school fundraiser

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Perverted magazine in public schools
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