Supermodel, Super Spy, Super Whore

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I was expecting Starrbooty to be akin to Killer Drag Queens on Dope: cheap, tacky fun. It was a given that the budget would be minimal and the script tending toward the marginal.

RuPaul is the world’s most celebrated supermodel turned spy. She becomes a streetwalker in an effort to be inducted into the ranks of an evil organization that appears to have kidnapped her adopted niece.

There are a few funny bits as she services her customers. But mostly Starrbooty is a tissue of minimally interesting music videos. The plot hardly goes anywhere. For me it was a terribly disengaging movie: my attention kept wandering away, about the least kind thing I can say about a work of popular entertainment.

Starrbooty will probably be enjoyed by RuPaul fans but hardly anyone else.

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Supermodel, Super Spy, Super Whore
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