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A wholly unconvincing look at consensual erotic power exchange. The acting was surprisingly poor: the main characters seemed to be talking at each other or to the air: not to one another. The woman drops into submission far too easily and quickly.

Indeed she seems to come with an On/Off switch that lets her just shut down and sleep in a cage for extended periods of time, requiring no attention except when her owner is in the mood to take her for a walk. A pretty rotten example for anyone who may be thinking of exploring pet play or power exchange.

Why the lead male character hangs out with people who harvest humans for body parts isnt clear. He doesnt approve of the practice. Nor does it make sense that they would sell a members beloved pet out from under him: $200,000 wouldnt be that much for this sort of operation. And why risk antagonizing someone wealthy and powerful?

I did have a nagging feeling that possibly a better movie was lurking somewhere in the footage and that what wound up on the screen was the result of one of the worst editing jobs I’d ever seen. Maybe one day there will be a directors cut of the like that makes more sense.

The Pet doesnt offer a useful portrayal of D.s or insight into illegal slave trade.

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