Winsor McCay Early Works: Volume 1

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Early Winsor McCay cartoons

It isn't that often that something arrives for the comics shop side of Books Do Furnish A Room that I want to take home as well as sell. Winsor McCay Early Works: Volume 1 would've been on my wish list if American publishers had felt like consulting me.

Little Nemo in Slumberland is reasonably well-known outside of the small group of people who admire the draughtsmanship and peculiar graphic charms of early American newspaper comic strips. "Tales of the Jungle Imps," "Little Sammy Sneeze," "Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend," and "Pilgrim's Progress" aren't nearly as familiar. They don't afford McCay the same chance to build fantastic palaces but his pen never failed and even his minor work is far above most cartoonists. (McManus is my #2 for sheer design after McCay).

The reproduction isn't always perfect (they were probably working from old newspapers). I wish the color strips could've been printed in color. But I'd rather be able to enjoy what they've produced than have them go out of business as Richard Marshall did when he started reprinting Krazy Kat and Gasoline Alley in color.

Even if you don't want it for yourself buy it for someone as a Christmas present.

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Winsor McCay Early Works: Volume 1
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