Marketing for our pink dollars

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I'm all in favor of advertisers chasing the pink dollar. Not because I have Jack Kemp's passion for capitalism. But the more invest in and make from gay consumers the more likely they are to be part of social mix that favors us.

But this one example does make me just a tad queasy.

And ads targeting gays can attract other consumer segments: One for Disaronno Amaretto that featured two women canoodling ran in the lesbian magazine Girlfriends and in the men's magazine Playboy during the same month.

These ads come amid a growing acceptance of gays. For example, MTV Networks plans to launch a gay-themed cable channel dubbed Logo next year.

Marketers come out of the closet to target gays

Then again I'm not a Lesbian and gay women probably don't care.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Marketing for our pink dollars.

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Marketing for our pink dollars
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