Playing It Straight

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From the same unworthy sensibility that brought us Boy Meets Boy.

Northern Territory barmaid Rebecca Olds will have to choose between 12 eligible bachelors to find her true love.

But Rebecca will have to have her "gaydar" switched on, because at least half of them are gay.

Gay twist to reality TV


I’m excited about the show Rebecca is a great woman, and I know that when the rest of Australia see’s her for what she really is all the slandering will stop, that I’ve seen and heard so far. Its about entertainment not about bloody issues of sexuality or appearance.

rebecca is a really really nice person, thats down to earth and unique, i know this as i am her friend. she tries hard at work and she wasnt expecting anything like this to happen to her, she was just a normal person living in a normal city with other normal people. she has a great sense of humor and great taste. watch her show, you will see the great person she is. and she is no different from me or you!

Has the show been dropped? l’m in Cairns and it’s not on this week here.

Bec has chosen Chad! Congratulation that she made to the straight guy. I know from the beginning that Dane is GAY! but.. still not sure with EVAN until tonight =) Evan and Dane, both of you are G.A.Y! My Gaydar is tingling and Chad, u’ve got urself a great chick.

Thanks for that, Ive been trying to find out who bec chose, I was ready to watch it last night and I dozed off to sleep at about 11:45 and woke up when Jeremiah was on haha, Im glad she chose chad and the fact that hes straight is a bonus, Cheers

Rebecca, u go girl!! Chad is phew all man!! (not that I know him personally) but damnnnnn; he is I would say from across the Tasman?, possibly P.I too… spot it a mile away!! CONGRATS!

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