Boy Band of the Damned

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I learned an important lesson about Netflix. If you don’t really want to see it don’t leave the movie in your queue.

Ring of Darkness I must’ve put there months ago when I decided to look at David Decoteau’s faux-homoerotic videos.

Netflix bypassed about twenty movies and I found it in my mailbox. Probably I was the only sucker left who hadn’t been careful enough to delete it from the list.

This had less homoeroticism - if watching a guy rub his stomach and pectoral muscles counts for that - than the other two I wasted a portion of my life with. But it is much funnier.

The theme is boy bands. This is the boy band of the damned: for decades they keep recreating themselves in the music of the moment. But as each new musical fad arrives they are forced to recruit someone with actual talent to write the music and be the front man for the band.

Needless to say evil loses, good wins and the viewer loses most of all. But watching the boy band antics is funny enough. OK, not funny enough, but gives more reward than the other David Decoteau movies aimed at ripping off the gay male market.

And I did like seeing the kind of dopey looking surfer type that I recognized from the other David Decoteau I watched. But I’ve always had a weakness for dumb blondes.

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Boy Band of the Damned
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