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When I wrote of David DeCoteau’s Voodoo Academy I didn’t realize that I’d also told Netflix to send me The Frightening. This DeCoteau movie was even less exciting, rather more boring. The only saving grace was that the young hero had the kind of smile that given luck gives the temporary fame of a primetime TV show.

Never one to be deterred - even by a spate of viewer reviews warning that it was an utterly worthless movie I decided to rent Daydream Obsession.

I think I’ve learned my lesson.

The protagonist is a closeted twentysomething who is in love (or lust) with his roommate. His overwrought libido causes him to start seeing all the manly men who happen to be around naked. So you get a sequence of naked guy (or guys) showering, washing car, playing in the pool, putting on skin cream.

If I wanted something that plotless I could grab it off the web easily enough for free.

Yeah, you are right, I had no right to expect anything better.

Why was I stupid enough to rent the movie.

I used to enjoy (sometimes only minimally) the old heterosexual sexploitation movies, like thos made by David Friedman and Hershel Gordon Lewis. And of course Russ Meyer’s black and white movies but they were in their own special class.

There was little nudity. Mostly suggestiveness. Tight and skimpy clothes by the standards of the late 50s and early 60s. Bad double-entendre dialogue. Sometimes the supposed sexiness of the movie was largely watching a woman repeatedly remove and replace her stockings (got boring fast).

So I was looking for something bad in a similarly funny way. I think it would’ve had have been made no later than the mid-70s. Unnaturally tight jeans, needless focuses on the crotch. A slapdash storyline that made you laugh as much as cringe.

I’ve learned my lesson and give up. I won’t be watching Daydream Obsession 2: Infidelities.

Your feelings?

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