Disabling the Next Button

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“We control the horizontal, we control the vertical.”

So went more of less the opening of what is probably the most loved television program of my childhood, The Outer Limits. (Controlling either must seem an oddball claim to younger people who didn’t grow up used to having to adjust either setting on their TV set.)

DVD makers are taking too damned much control.

Increasingly DVDs are forcing you to watch the opening and closing credits. And even the commercials for other DVDs.

Now I’ve long established habits that save me from ever having to watch the threats of the FBI and Interpol coming to get me or anything else at the beginning of a DVD. I put the disc in my player and go do something else.

But when watching, say, a TV series you can’t do much - other than hitting the mute button - to avoid the opening theme music if they’ve blocked the next key. Anyone who really wants to know the name of the best boy and catering service is going to sit there with their eyes glued. The rest of us are just going to sit there feeling a bit irked until the credits scroll past our uncaring eyes.

Stop it!

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Disabling the Next Button.

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Disabling the Next Button
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