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Now that I have a Netflix account I have to figure out what to have them send.

Few people you'll ever meet know less about contemporary American pop culture. My television only displays what is inserted into the DVD player or VCR. I have no patience for the random noise that comes out of radios. That includes NPR.

It has been many years since I bought a newspaper. The only magazine I read, if even that is, The New York Review of Books.

I couldn't tell you the name of a single movie that is currently showing in American movie theaters.

So I can use help in figuring out what to put in my Netflix queue. And my interests are stringently narrow.

Gay movies: I'm still getting caught up with the popular gay cinema that emerged some years back. I skipped from age Boys in the Band to the time of Trick. I've been diligent in my sampling and have watched movies ranging from Super 8-˝, My Beautiful Launderette to Circuit. Gay movies in my queue: Bedrooms and Hallways, Friends and Family and Mambo Italiano. Perhaps you could suggest some queer cinema that Netflix has that my local video rental shops didn't.

Romantic comedies: I'm an RKO kind of guy and watched every old Warner Bros., RKO and kindred studios offering that showed up on TCM when I had it. Charles and I watch contemporary offerings. I'm not seeking rich emotional or aesthetic experiences. Cheerful junk, happy endings are my aim. I'm too ignorant of most movie stars names to care who is in the film, just that they do an agreeable job of going through the motions. Unsurprisingly I've rented a fair slice of movies by directors who didn't have the gift of making you ignore how implausible it all is.

Horror, slasher movies. I've seen almost every American horror movie made from the 1930s until a few years ago. Weird cheap junk that isn't easy to find. The early Universal Studios movies with Karloff and Carradine, the 1950s drive-in cheapies, most of Hammer, the nutty Mexican horror movies, the 70s golden age of sicko movies, slasher flicks and all that followed. Last time I looked at a display of recent horror movies my mind went blank. They all promise thrills but often wimp out into harmlessness, glossy special effects, or dwindle off into not much of nothing. My appetite for the junk is still alive; your guidance is invited.

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hopped on over from versaphile’s lj.

‘hedwig and the angry inch’ - “a high-energy rock musical in the tradition of ‘the rocky horror picture show’”. drag queens and kings abound!

‘but i’m a cheerleader’ - “a naive teenager is sent to rehab camp when her straitlaced parents and friends suspect her of being a lesbian.”

‘heavenly creatures’ - “two girls have an intense fantasy life; their parents, concerned the fantasy is too intense, separate them, and the girls take revenge.” kate winslet’s first film!

anything ‘mystery science theatre 3000’ - “a man and two robots trapped on an earth-orbiting space station are forced to watch the worst movies ever conceived.”

Definitely put “Sordid Lives” on your list. Very funny. And a cute guy too.

I think you may enjoy “Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter”. It’s a low budget, highly entertaining Canadian film. There’s lesbians, Jesus, and lots of weirdness. You may want to look into “Girls will be Girls” a campy drag queen film. Good Luck! The recommends that Netflix comes up with once you’ve rented and rated some films can be helpful. They can also be inexplicable.

We made a point of renting Sordid Lives as soon as it came out. Enjoyed it hugely.

Just added Girls will be Girls to my Netflix queue.

I may not reply to every suggestion (kind of busy) but any suggestions are really appreciated, whether I rent the movies or not.

A great gay type movie is Nico and Dani aka Krámpack Another is All about my mother and Or The Iron Ladies (2001) a thai movie about a gay handball team.

I prefer foreign movies to american ones as you may see.

I’ve posted several notes about the Thai movies featuring transgendered people in my sexuality weblog.

I have a biomechanical problem with most movies not originally filmed in English. I have only one fully functional eye and which pretty much means I can read the sub-titles or watch the film but not really both.


I don’t write a lot about the movies, but the notes in my AOL Journal might give you some ideas.

Hawzabout Larry Clark’s ‘Bully’?

It has hot boys killing people in it.

And a scene involving one character being forced into entering an amateur stripper/dance contest too.

Good wholesome family fun.


I saw Bully made for uncomfortable watching. Not faulting the movie. Though I think our ideas of hot boys are a wee bit different.

Don’t know your were posting in your weblog again - welcome back.

surfed in while googling for Queer As Folk season 4 promos! Great blog!

Gay Movie suggestions:

Paris Is Burning - documentary on the origin of Voguing from the streets of New York

Love! Valour! Compassion! - with Jason Alexander from Seinfeld! about a group of gay men who get together at a cottage house and drama ensues! a good film about gay friendships!

Wigstock - another documentary, on drag queens in New York

Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert - Australian version of To Wong Foo, before To Wong Foo came out. In my opinion, also better than To Wong Foo. Guy Pearce is in it and is the flamiest of them all.

Have u tried looking up John Waters movies? or Andy Warhol flicks? Hope that helps some!

Thanks, I hadn’t heard of Wigstock. I’ve seen most of the otherrs. Just rewatched a number of the movies released under Warhol’s name last year.

Beautiful Thing

Happy Together (brilliant, but you’d have to deal with the subtitles)

Ma Vie En Rose (more subtitles; sorry)

That I haven’t watched Beautiful Thing was a fluke that I’ll repair soon. I did watch Happy Together - by accident I’ll admit.

My problem with sub-titles is mostly biomechanical: only one eye works properly. Back when the Italian directors were in vogue I did watch plenty of subtitled movies but it has just become too difficult.

I am a Netflix junky. I live near San Jose, so I get new DVDs the next day after I mail them back.

I recently watched Pumpkin starring Christina Ricci as a sorority girl who falls in love with a “challenged” boy. I really enjoyed it — especially since I went to a So. California university.

National Lampoon’s Mr. Wong is worth renting if you’ve never watched the cartoons on Icebox.

Erasure: Hits! The Videos is a fun bit of nostalgia.

You might really enjoy “Burnt Money” which is a wonderful buddy movie of homomasculine-love-without-guilt. It’s action, violence, but gorgeously done gore which seems incidental in the beauty of the relationship. The subtext, of course, is that gaymen are always outlaws. We are beyond redemption even by the politically correct.

Other titles on my very catholic hit list: “Carrington,” “Different for Girls,” “Natural Born Killers,” “Billy Elliot,” and “The End of the Affair” by Neil Jordan.

When I first saw your email address I though to myself, it has been a long time since I heard from him. Then I realized I’d never heard from you.

I’d seen your name here and there through the years. You are one of those rare gay men who came out before I did when I figured it out as a young man in 1972. Before Stonewall even.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Warmest regards and esteem, Richard

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