Homoerotic Heatwave Left Me Cold

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Muscle Heatwave

That this fifty-five minutes of beefcake wouldn’t afford me any pleasure was a given.

Bogus homoerotica: Muscle Heatwave

But Netflix had it - possibly the only such movie they have in inventory - so it felt like I was getting it for free.

Youthful jocks take off their jeans but rarely their underclothing and then only briefly. Given how their apparent endowments shrink without the underwear the latter counts as a special effect. They wander about smiling inanely. The high point of group interaction is a game of billiards.

Who is this sort of bogus homoerotica aimed at? Someone who finds the films of David DeCocteau exciting but is overwhelmed by a Playgirl or Freshman centerfold?

Thanks to the invaluable fast forward button I cut my viewing time down to about fifteen minutes.

Your feelings?

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Homoerotic Heatwave Left Me Cold
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