Johnny Cash Gives You Five Minutes to Live

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Imagine Johnny Cash as a murderous thug holding you hostage as he plays his guitar and sings “You’ve got five minutes to live.”

That was the best part of this fairly short movie. Cash is a crook who is too kill a bank officer’s wife unless he here from his confederate once every five minutes.

Cash brings such psychotic force to his role you can’t help but wonder if a dangerous maniac didn’t lurk underneath.

When he became famous the movie was released as Door to Door Maniac. His gambit for getting into the banker’s house is that he’s an itinerate music teacher. Sadly he doesn’t wander neighborhoods looking for people to murder.

With little Ronnie Howard, Vic Tayback and Merle Travis as a corrupt bowling alley owner. (Travis is also the one who really performed the guitar bits.)

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Johnny Cash Gives You Five Minutes to Live
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