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Just finsihed watching Spin the Bottle. Yesterday we saw Maurice (a movie I'd never intended to watch), Living End, The Importance of Being Earnest (I knew that'd be a mistake). Before that The Fluffer and Forgive and Forget (odd title, no one did either). Next up is Super 8½ ;.

All gay movies with the exception of the Wilde adaption. Since I'm getting caught up on gay movies I'm always open to recommendations. Although how many of them I'll be able to find. Durham just lost one of its video stores.

Likewise recent horror movies. The boxes at the video store draw a blank. Trashy is fine as long as the pace is quick. Actually I tend to prefer trashy to merely moody. And always recent romantic comedies. We wented several that were suggested last time I asked. I never keep track of who recommended what so I never thank anybody propersly. I don't mind if it is slick, just as long as it has the internal coherence necessary even for mass culture.


I’m just trying to remember some gay movies for you guys, ones I don’t think I’ve seen in your reviews. I loved The Wedding Banquet, by Ang Lee, about the clash of cultures between a gay Chinese guy and his parents and Beautiful Thing, a cute British movie about being in love for the first time. My Beautiful Launderette, by Stephen Frears, with Daniel Day-Lewis, a 1985 movie. What else? La Ley Del Deseo (the law of desire), an 80’s Spanish movie by Pedro Almodovar with Antonio Banderas. I’m not a big fan of Spanish cinema, but it was alright, I guess. There’s also Another Country, with Rupert Everett, I don’t think I’ve seen that one. That’s all I can think of right now. I hope you haven’t seen them yet, and that you’ll enjoy them.

I loved Maurice, but then again I’m a sucker for a happy ending and a kiss between 2 beautiful men. And I’m sorry, but I think Brian is about the sexiest character ever created. Sorry!! But I also love Emmett, Michael and Justin…

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