Penn & Teller vs the Bible in Season Two

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So long already faithless, skeptical that I'm normally not interested in proofs that irrational people believe groundless and foolish things. But Penn & Teller's Bullshit was funny. The guy with the magnet helmet alone was worth the time spent watching. Ah, the Feng Shui episode: watching a few expensive frauds contract one another in their presentation of home decoration aligned with the cosmic and spiritual forces. Since I no longer have cable TV I won't get to see season two until it comes out on DVD.

'This season we are doing Bible BS, because the Bible does have claims you can look into with archaeology . . . Things like perhaps the Jews being enslaved by the Egyptians, which looks like most of the archaeology now says that probably never happened,'' Jillette says. ``You're looking at someone who's going to get a bullet in his head, there's no doubt about it.''

No one's safe -- not even Jesus


I’m a straight white middle-aged female living in suburbia and I was on the floor laughing. Thank GOD, someone in this country has a brain! Faith is fine (which is why it is called FAITH), but come on, parting the sea? water into wine? rising from the dead? Get a grip. And, no, you can’t pick and choose the convenient parts of the Bible. I felt a strange connection, almost spiritual, to Penn & Teller after watching this.

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Penn & Teller vs the Bible in Season Two
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