Ride the Wild Surf

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The Frankie and Annette AIP beach party movies came out when I was a kid and I watched them with indifferent acceptance that became nostalgia in later years.

That is the only reason I had Netflix send me Ride the Wild Surf.

Fabian couldn’t sing but he wasn’t an awful actor and had really great hair. Tab Hunter I fear I’ve never seen look so bad. But his good-natured appeal was still intact. Peter Brown - not the best name for an actor - looked familiar and was agreeable but seems his career wasn’t long lived.

The girls were Barbara Eden, Shelly Fabares (who was probably on her way out of starlet-dom) and Susan Hart. I’d never heard of Susan Hart before but she was pretty hot. But little seen.

The boys surf and act like goofs. The girls - this was the 1960s - support their guys. They learn lessons too and obviously will go off and lead better lives after marrying the women they met surfing.

Toward the end of the film there is lots of surfing. Too much. At least for me. If you enjoy old surfing scenes (even if they were mostly faked?) then the footage might give you a better reason to watch the movie than anybody else.

Boring but inoffensive.

Your feelings?

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