Teenagers' Final Destinations

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Amazingly you can make horror movie sequels without degrading the original idea. I know some have done it. Going for the third is really pressing your luck.

Final Destination 3 doesn’t subtract from the concept. Can’t say it really adds to the original horror film’s mythos either.

Teenagers escape death. Oops! No they don’t. At least in these films death is going to get his pretty prizes (of course they are pretty - this is a teen horror movie).

Our comely star catches on as her friends die. Another discovers what happened in the first Final Destination. In trying to rescue their pals they help cause their demise. Death is one clever elemental force.

The deaths having pleasing Rube Goldberg quality as you watch the small details that add up to doom accumulate.

Competently made, reasonably well paced. The deaths are inventive enough. But I never felt a moment of suspense. Nor did I mind that they would all die.

As a longtime horror movie fan I didn’t feel like my time had been wasted. But if the film had never been made I wouldn’t have lost a moving experience. If there’s a Final Destination IV I hope they find a way to make me feel more involved in what is an otherwise mechanical process of offing teenagers.

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Teenagers' Final Destinations
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