Wizard of Peter Pan

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I see there's a new movie version of Peter Pan.

When I was a little kid they showed the Mary Martin version every year. It and the Wizard of Oz were annual events on 60s television. Peter Pan vanished from the schedule well before the Wizard of Oz. Its effects were much less lavish (early TV made little money and had tiny budgets), possibly it wasn't even in color.

Seems to me that the Wizard of Oz shows up on TV more often than it has for the last twenty-five years. It doesn't evoke my nostalgia the way an old episode of Mr. Ed or the Burns & Allen Show does. If I stumble across it I'll watch for a couple of minutes or less.

When I do see the Wizard there's never a lyric or line that I don't remember with perfect fidelity. I don't regret not being able to see the old Peter Pan. Some things are best left in recollection. Sometimes I wonder what the old Beany & Cecil show was like. Probably pretty crumby. It startled me considerably to discover that an in old childhood favorite Gerry Anderson show, Supercar, you could see the wires.

Some memories are best left as memories.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Wizard of Peter Pan.

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