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The last eighteen months have been so draining and demanding. Not that it has all been bad. There’s having my old friend Sendy become Alex my beloved.

But about a year and a half ago I wrote an entry about how Charles - my then lover - didn’t read or comment on my site.

My feelings for him began to die that day. That he wouldn’t read or comment on what I had to say cut me deeply. I’m a verbal man and I need words in response. I felt unloved.

Not that he didn’t love me. But he didn’t in a way that meant enough for me. The day I crystallized those thoughts in words was the day I was ready to leave him.

Not knowing he’d become a crack addict, that I’d have Sendy/Alex in my life. That Charles would die.

I hope my next eighteen months are more serene, pacific, quiet, fulfilling.


I know that feeling. Dennis used to call every few months and asked how I was doing. And I felt it was a little redundant reiterating everything I wrote on my website just because he “hasn’t visited my website and never bothers to read anything I have written.”

The fate of Charles was unfortunate. Very little can be done about the past. Nevertheless we’re ALL glad that you are still here today and with us!

take care my friend, Pristine

Heck, even I’m glad I’m still with us today. There were times when I thought Charles would be the end of me.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about 18 Months ....

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18 Months ...
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