A Charles and his money are soon parted

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A few days ago I untellingly alluded to annoyance and frustration. Hereís one part/

Charles' spending spasms and desultory work schedule were beginning to push me down, leave me feeling angry and impotent. I wish I could make enough so he wouldn't have to work, but a gifted capitalist I'm not.

It is like dieting, a momentís whim can wipe out a weekís effort. So when heís glorying in a bit of red cut glass Iím half wishing I could crash it down his head. Or was. My anger vanished as always.

But there are a couple of Deep Dish CDs and forthcoming Mencken and Frank Kermode collections Iíd like to have. And keeping the utility companies from leaving us dry or in the dark is a good priority.

Right now all that is keeping us from sliding from penury to damnation is Gordonís kindness in letting me postdate the checks that pay on an old debt to him and the unceasing demands of the tax and social security men.

He knows all this. I can only hope that as heís grown in other ways this year heíll become able to connect wasting money with its miserable consequences.


Spent some time here reading your entries. You’re obviously a smart guy, and a good writer. I’ll try checking back.

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Pansexual Sodomite
My Life is an Open Blog
A Charles and his money are soon parted
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