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While Charles was discovering that Southern wildflower I was starting Christopher Coe's Such Times. Right before leaving the bookshop yesterday I had a sudden craving for a gay novel. Most of what we've had I cataloged and sold. Coe's book was an uncataloged extra. Its theme is the early days of AIDS, something I'd usually avoid.

The urge to read a novel about gay men hits me rarely. I never think to lay in a stock against future need. I probably should try Edmund White again. It'll certainly be well written and it wouldn't surprise me to find I my twenty years of prejudice has been unjustified.

When I got up yesterday I had craving to read something, maybe dip back into Gibbon. The craving was as sharp as hunger or horniness. Charles hadn't slept last night. He was hazy and restless. It would've been selfish to ignore him. And we've had so little time together the last couple of weeks I was happy to just be in the same room with him.

Monday was vexatious.

Our central air needs a new filter. We went to a couple of stores but 12" x 24" filters weren't to be had. I hope Home Depot has the damned things.

And I got a notice from Duke Power that they'd be disconnecting us if I didn't pay them in a couple of days. My check to them clear the bank a week ago. When I called them they told me everything was OK. They'd given the disconnect notice to a driver who was to deliver it when he was in the neighborhood. He'd received it ten days ago before my check had cleared. Public utilities can be sued if they can't prove they've warned a customer before the terminate service. Hand delivery protects them from claims the notice was lost in the mails.

And there was the saga of getting a kitchen cabinet open. But that'll need photos.

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