Changing for the wrong reason

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Replying to a Live Journal comment on What if? (questionnaire #2)

it's entirely possible, i think, to be tainted by an event that occured in the recent past. i think as logical as we may sometimes want to be, it's just human nature to go in the opposite direction. that said

… i do think that having a relationship with someone in a more conventional role would be easier

I don’t think I’d switch to something more conventional because being ordinary would be less demanding. It would just be jumping in the ‘opposite direction’ because where I’d been might be associated too strongly with failure. Human nature, as you said.

but would i give up the way i live?

hell no.

No. That’d kill you. And me.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Changing for the wrong reason.

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Changing for the wrong reason
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