Charles is out of the hospital

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Sheltered as I am Iíd never seen unisex public restrooms before my visits to Durham Regional. Eliminating the urinal had to be a savings. Took me a moment to guess what kind of napkins theyíd be selling for 50¢.

With only seven stories I was surprised at the rough elevatormanship needed at the hospital. I learned that if I were the only person in the elevator to position myself in front right at the door so I could get out before others rushed in. Hating crowed elevators sometime I let the first one leave without me. Not really liking empty ones I’l usually use the stairs if Iím traveling only a couple of flights.

Durham Regional’s food is surprisingly adequate. Never able to get Charles too take more than a couple of bites I usually ate most of his meals. They gave him a couple of cartons of Boost (an Ensure clone). The mass-market meal replacements are mediocre. When I was eating sanely I usually kept a few packets of MRP at the bookshop. (Often touted with revolting ad copy about their amazing ‘high tech’ properties they are mostly the same so I bought whichever I found on sale.)

If you caught the verb tense of the above you may have guessed that Charles, much to my surprise, is out of the hospital. His labored breathing isn’t as serious as I feared. He does have a mild case of bronchial pneumonia but it is all but gone. Charles breathing is caused by the stress he placed on his pulmonic muscles during the hours he was in a coma.

As you can guess the kinks are fading from my spine. I feel like my life is my own again.

Charles is at a friendís in Raleigh. I can work this weekend and know he’s being cared for. I think he’d have rather stayed. I’d certainly like to have my sweetheart home. But this is the smart course. Iíd forgotten that Charles had been in one of the nightshirts I’d bought him for his birthday. He didnít have any clothes at the hospital. After the EMS people finished he didnít have a nightshirt. They did kindly put its remains in a bag.

To relax I fiddled up a new web page. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the last guy left from the early days of the Internet who still visits lots of personal sites. Sometimes I run across what is left of the old days of free gay erotica (not even bothering with Mancheck). The Digital Millennium Copyright Act now being used to even prevent publication of Wal-Mart’s sales. So I had the whim to provide links to a certain species of DMCA outlaw. I wouldnít have bothered if I werenít watching my site stats right now and discovered what the folks were looking for.

Writing the above made me check and I couldn’t be more delighted than to learn that someone arrived looking to learn “why isn't gullible in the dictionary”. I hope he was edified.

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Charles is out of the hospital
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