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The Boyfriend returned home last Tuesday.

His crack addiction seems cured.

Since there was no inpatient treatment available he spent almost four weeks at friend's house. He had no money nor car. Likely this did him as much good as sitting in a rehab center weaving baskets and engaging in group chattering (aka therapy).

From our phone conversations I'd say his addiction passed within a few days.

The Boyfriend's relationship with drugs is a mite peculiar. He treats the gallimaufry of intoxicants he's used like friends. Until they betray him. Once a drug hurts him he's off it.

A drug's harm is relative. The Boyfriend is the only person I've known who should not use marijuana. I've had friends who earned their PhD's toking every waking hour. Back when TB used pot often he'd go off into hypomania. Some night's he'd dig up the garden to no purpose, paint the door pink, or well the catalog is huge.

When I finally realized it was the pot and not an inherent bipolar nature and he smoked less often his nightly insanity abated greatly.

But he had to overindulge in Percocets and heroin until each almost killed him (with literal minutes to spare) before he abandoned them.

Partly because he's suffered mightily from genuine pain but also I think for reasons that I've never discerned he thinks of drugs as his friends. I entertained myself when young with many a recreational drug. Got what I could, then got bored and quit. I don't know where he stands in this way.

Well, he knows I won't tolerate one more foolish drug episode. For now I give him no money, he has nothing left to pawn. Should he be idiot enough to get credit from one of Northgate Park's abundant drug dealers I shan't be rescuing him from their collection agents.

Sadly now that he is back and clean I just don't much care.


luck richard, if you need to talk send me an email.


Well, I guess this is similar to how some people can get addicted to gambling, videogames, or alcohol where others don’t.

Sometimes when I find a really good written series, in print or on computer, I’ll be finishing it for hours and hours, because I enjoy it and I want to find out what happens next. Now I limit it to occasionals when I have the time to indulge, mostly I make it nightly ritual to read a chapter before bed when I get my hands on series now as oppose to all at once.

Did your ex BF have any other problems that might have made it easier for him to get addicted to pot? Some people’s lives sucks or they currently have a problem that make extreme escapism in the form of drugs or fantasies attractive, and for gambling there is the thrill and the possiblity of winning money that the gambler could never hope to honestly earn.

Actually he isn’t my ex. Yet.

Only the most pedestrian people don’t have bursts of enthusiasm that grab them so severely they stay up at night too late some times or spend a little too much money indulging them.

From what he says he started smoking pot as a teenager. From what I’ve pieced together I think his heavy usage started at the end of his prior relationship. But it isn’t how often he was smoking that is so odd. I’ve known lots of pot smokers, I smoked it until I realized that he shouldn’t. But I’ve never known anyone else who it sent into extreme bipolar states.

He moderated the pot smoking a couple of years ago. His bipolar highs simply vanished.

I can’t give you any really adequate answer though I may try to work through it in the future on the weblog.

It’s easy to say you won’t tolerate one more foolish drug episode. I’ve said it a thousand times. Two thousand times, I said it twice today, and thought it 5 minutes before I logged online. It seems safe when there’s nothing left to pawn, when THANK GOD the cars at the mechanic anyway, and you don;t have a dollar left to lend or be stolen. What sucks the most is when he gets your pretty rings back, and acts like it’s some grand gesture. But then they’re gone again. I wish you the best.

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Crack addict boyfriend update
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