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Costco doesn’t’ like my debit card.

Charles and I tried to buy some gas the other morning. All I could get was “Unable to process card.” Not a major headache, we paid a few cents more at the BP near the bookshop.

Today I went to buy two answering machines with Caller ID (something I used to sweat I’d never touch – my reasons long since forgotten) so we can block Ms. Squalid Gossip. Two because one was for Gordon who mirable dictu has need of one. At the checkout my card got the same unwanted message. I didn’t have the cash. Costco accepts only American Express credit cards. (They offer me the chance to apply for one frequently. But even though the response wouldn’t say “Ha! Ha! Fat chance!” I’d know that was what would pass through the clerk’s mind.)

So I left empty-handed.

My main reason for buying a DVD player was the clearer image. My easily tired eyes would consider it a great boon. Our antiquated TV cost $50.00. To benefit from the digital recording I need a more modern television, preferably with an S-connector. I don’t think I can beat Costco’s $279 Phillips 27”. But I guess I’ll have to go elsewhere and pay more.

Not that I won’t go back the next time I want Vidalia Onions or need acetaminophen.

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I never realy under stood why of all the credit cads ,only american express is is used.

please reply.

Costco takes my debit card—at gas pump or at register—never had a problem (and you can get $$ back at register with debit card). They, of course, also take checks. No AmEx card for me, but no problem.

My debit card problems stopped so long ago I’d forgetten about them. I never discovered why they temporarily had problem.

I was just a little ticked that I couldn’t use my MasterCard when they weren’t able to get my debit card to work.

I love Costco! The reason that they don’t except a lot of different types of credit cards is they want to keep the pricers lower for us that shop there. Costco excepts cash,schecks,debit and American Express and they have a Costco credit card. I think they give you a wide variety of choices. I might ass that Costco’s prices and quality is the best!

I had the same problem a couple of months ago, my debit card kept coming up unable to process.The cashier said he was the only one having the problem that da. He called the manage and he tried another register and the same thing happened.I called my bank when I got home because I knew the funds were available and the bank advised me that the bank that Costco uses was probaly down and that was causing the problem. However, it was embarrassing because it seemed that I did not have the funds available and I had just been paid that day and had the funds electronically credited to my account and I had used the card at another merchant about 10 minutes prior,and I used it again after it was denied at Costco at Sam’s club where I also shop with no problem.

I think you have a problem with the Bank. Try a different one I have had no problems with debit cards. Oh Costco takes checks also and cash. Seems pretty silly to me to stop going because of plastic

I’ve been in shops on days when their credit card system was completely down (an external problem). I nuisance to those of us who don’t carry checkbooks (the only check I write is to make my social security payment).

But I wouldn’t stop shopping somewhere because of a momentary external problem.

Costco only accepts American Express cards because American Express is the only credit card company that came to Costco offering a reasonable processing charge. If you’ve ever run a businesses you know what Visa & Mastercard rape you! If Costco took Visa & Master Card they’d have to increase their prices to cover the percentage on every transaction that Visa & Master card charge, sometimes that’s in excess of 2%. Don’t blame Costco, they’re just trying to offer you the best price - BLAME THE CREDIT CARD COMPANIES for the inconvenience. If they offered the same reasonable rates as American Express Costco would probably accept them too.

I had Americaan Express for 30 yrs and paid in full on the 10th of each month with out fail Then got a new Card with an ending date set so that I would have to pay interest every month if I paid on the 10th. I ask them to change the end date to the 30 so I would not have to pay interest. THEY REFUSED, AND I TORE UP THE CARD I do not need to do business with a Company which is intollarent to the needs of the Customer I have Discover, Visa and Master card who changed my due dates to meet with my accounting practice Big Blue is Bull don

don’t destroy your credability as an intelligent athiest by whining about small issues. If you want to be humiliated (sp) try dealing w/ the asshole of the universe “wallymart”. We’re into a chickenshit world of plastic, paper trails and fed monitoring. Try to get over $10K in cash—jeses H. they think you’re a drug kingpin. stay cool and deal w/ life in america. (use a knife to remove those goddamn “fish” from the hypocrites vehicles as it let’s the paint breathe)

I love Costco! I have never had a problem w/my debit card unless I had insufficient funds or entered the wrong PIN. However, I’ve worked in several places where “the system” or “the banks system” has had interuptions. The Costco American Express card is only offered to Costco Members. It has no annual fee and I believe you can select your payment dates. You also earn up to 2% back on all of your purchases ANYWHERE you use the card. There are Costco American Express cards available for different needs such as: individuals or corporate and business owners.

Costco only takes american express because they don’t charge a service fee with would cause people to pay more for their products and thats the whole reason people shop at costco is for the low prices. If you only have a debit card than stop at the atm before you go to costco. They take cash and checks.

i dont care about if your gay my only racist bone is for stupid people just reexamine what you wrote and get a clue.no other store will take back a tv a year old and you cant beat the price.SAVE MONEY AND A TRUE CARE AS TO WETHER THE PRODUCT LASTS,get a checking acount or get an american express[you get 2 percent back]and quit bitching about such a great company and shop at walmart pay more and live with an iron clad thirty day return and if any thing goes wrong your screwed.sounds good to me.

well everyone, i am the one to talk to about costco. ive been an employee at costco for 14yrs. and yes people get mad when we dont take their certain type of credit card. but you have to understand amex charges the least to costco. remember we used to take discover but they tried to get smart and up the charges so we gave them the boot. the more money costco saves in expenses the more they pass onto you the member..and dont think im lying. check out the last month article in fortune 500 about costco. if any warehouses are cutting back and saving money they are instructed to lower prices to even theyre p&l’s so i do stand behind costco every minute. as for the poor gentelmens debit card try to get another one the one you have might be unreadable or de-mangitized, its happened to me. exspecially at the gas stations. they are very picky readers. besides you cant beat the prices at costco. and for those who really spend alot try out the excective membership. you get 2% of you yearly shopping and if you dont like it you can get a refund at any time, even 364 days of use. and for our return policy no one beats. its a simple as this you can return everything at anytime for any reason. and thats unbeatable. but one thing has a time limit of six months. computers because too many people up grade. to all a good night and see you at costco

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Damn Costco.

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