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Having recently summed up all the unhappy parts of my life with my ex-lover it finally hit me how bitter I must've sounded.

Actually I'm out of the worst of it. I have lots of work to do if I want to reclaim an acceptable life. But in the old 17th / 18th century sense I'm philosophical about all that. I could call it a learning experience but that is just new age crap. No sensible person wants that kind of education.

My attention is mostly focused on tedious practical necessities. Health, cleanliness.

With my own blend of stolidity and whimsicality I'll focus on getting on with my life. It would be a waste of whatever time I have left to pout and fret like a spoiled brat.

How do I feel about him? I still love him. He still needs me. I can't give him as much as I once would. But I'm always here to reassure and advise him.

So I'll work to make my life better. And to get back to the unfinished books, the CDs I've never listened to or listened to well enough.

I don't need recovery, therapy or psychiatric biochemistry. Humbug for people who are covertly perpetuating what they've lost by lingering over it.

I already threw too much of my life away in shock over lost love. That was very educational. I spent too long learning the lesson. I don't need remedial classes.


I’m with you. I can only mourn so long and then I feel like I’m stuck in a trap and I just need to move on and get going again.

Once (on a fri) I got fired from a job I loved (deserved it) and when I went home my husband said now what are you going to do?

I said tonight I’m getting drunk Then two days of wallowing in self pity and a couple of days of pouting and I should be back on my feet by next Wed and employed by next Fri. And that’s exactly what I did!

To this day we laugh about it, he swears he never met any one that can schedule in a couple days for wallowing in self pity. (I can)

You take the time YOU need and then you move on. I’m gald to see you’re moving on. If you feel its the best thing to do then it IS the best thing to do.

I haven’t checked up on you for a while. Sounds as if you are having a difficult time.

It’s very easy to let someone else drive our lives. When that disappears, it’s very difficult to re-orient around one’s self again.

I wish you the best.

P.S. If you figure out the trick to regular gym attendance, you will share it, right? (please)

wow i just got cheated on after 15 yrs with this guy iam devestated and can hardly funtion. i hope i can get to this point of thinking soon as i dont know how long i can go one like this thanks jeff in pa

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