Evil yesterday

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My digital camera stopped working.

My microwave oven stopped working.

My ex-lover bought some crack and other drugs and I watched him scraping powder he’d dropped off the bathroom floor.

Later I discovered that my toilet was at an angle against the wall, that the seal had broken and it was leaking water.

But . . .

Alex is back and her love makes my days beautiful.


Richard have been out of touch with your weblog for a while. They cracked down on internet surfing at work and I get in very late. I have been thrilled to read our posts on Alex and the progress with Charles. Hope Charles’ slip does him no real harm he is in a fight for himself he has my prayers for his success.

Anyway be careful with Flexeril it can be very nasty I had to take it for a while and could not handle the side effects. Zanaflex is for me just as effective is not habit forming and has less side effects. It comes in many differant strengths and the generic is very much cheaper(The generic name is Tizanidine HCL).

Your posts about Alex are wonderful and she seems to make you happy. I cannot think of many people that I belive deserve happiness as much as you do.

During the time I could not keep up with your posts I found myself wondering how you are doing. I pray life is going to give you the much needed break you so deserve.

My man also sends his best wishes. Keep up the writing is is so insightful and there is an honsety I find admireable.

As always with the fondest thoughts


Alex is back and her love makes my days beautiful

How sweet! :)

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Evil yesterday.

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Evil yesterday
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