Fear of polyamory

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People have terrified reactions to any kind of romantic love that different.

Bisexuals encounter a hostility based on the notion that because they can be attracted to someone of the 'wrong' sex they'll necessarily be less faithful. Makes them monsters in some folk's eyes.

I suspect whenever many people hear of polyamory it instantly slaps them at some deep level of fear; instantly they imagine what it would be like for them to be in one. They can only picture themselves being neglected or even left.

There's a sad amount of sexual distrust and no little connection of love with property. There wouldn't be TV programs like Cheaters or software that lets you spy on your spouse's computer usage so you can see who they've been chatting with and emailing. If they human race ever stars to grow up this'll probably be the last part of their psyche that matriculates.

I can slightly empathize: many people's lives have collapsed when a partner has proven unfaithful. But the probably entered the relationship for foolish reasons or with blinders on.

I've known people in all sorts of poly relationships and they've fared as well as the conventional pairings. Certainly lots of gay couples have what were once called 'open marriages' (after a 70s bestseller, back when 'wife swapping' was a hot topic - what about husband swapping?). It is fairly popular among the straight BDSM crowd since husbands and wives may not have complementary fetishes.

I'm not up to polyamory myself but I've long suspected that polyamorous people are the sane ones.

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