From Zoloft to Anafril

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Been a time since I posted anything about Charles and psychiatric medicine.

Showing strength I never guessed he had he managed to rid himself of 200 mg. of Zoloft a day. The process was grueling, hellish. I don't think he'll ever go a week without headaches but they did abate greatly with the Zoloft banished.

Charles eventually sunk into passive misery, spent entire days facing the phosphorescent glare of the TV screen. Myself, if every mass media outlet in the world vanished wouldn't feel much loss. Not that I don't watch TV. But if I exceed my quota my brain feels like a constipated intestine. (Having already ranted about the The sordid defilement of television addiction I'm not going to let myself go off on that tangent again. )

When Charles' new psychiatrist suggested he try Lithium everyone was shocked, including me. In Lithium's heyday it had the repute of being a psychiatric medicine that left people acting like they were under the curse of a Haitian witchdoctor. Charles' mood improved markedly. Sadly he had to quit taking it because it gave him a skin rash (being a pure element Lithium has a large variety of unwelcome reactions).

In consultation with a another physician he decided to try Anafril ( a tricyclic, Clormipramine HCl). Anafril appears to be working for him. His involuntary depressions are greatly mitigated.

The moral of this story, if it has one, is that if you are in chemical psychotherapy and your doctor won't explore other medications get a new doctor.

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From Zoloft to Anafril
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