Frozen Times in Durham, NC

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Thursday night everything froze for a second time. You could hear the tree limbs falling through the night. Another half million places in North Carolina were powerless. The Durham Morning Herald reported, “Of Duke Power’s 115,000 customers in Durham, 110,000 were without power.”

My recollection of Friday has already lost most of its detail. Buying and eating junk food. Reading Zealous Intruders, an entertaining recounting of Palestine’s return to European awareness in the 19th century. (Needless to say for me the main appeal was the Victorians who went there hoping to prove Bible stories historical truths, a growth industry after Darwin.)

I spent most of Saturday thinking it was Friday. Without my usual routines the days merged. Saturday afternoon we stopped by the bookshop to discover its power had just come back on. We got caught up on the ecommerce and went home.

Today was a normal workday. When we went home we found most people had power again. But not our immediate neighborhood. Charles and I decided to sleep in the shop tonight. There’s plenty of light for reading and I was able to weed through lots of email (mostly spam) except my main account, I’ve forgotten my password.

Charles is already asleep. I’m afraid I won’t nod off until it is time to open for business.

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Frozen Times in Durham, NC
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