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I've written about this in another of my weblogs but it can't hurt to try it here.

I'd like to find more literate, funny gay fiction that I'd enjoy. For now my list is restricted to Joe Keenan and Alan Hollinghurst. Keenan has grown rich and successful in the land of TV. Hollinghurst I don't expect to be prolific but it has been a damn long time. And I had his last novel shipped over from the UK as soon as it was published.

They half to be literate, literary is better. Edmund White would be fine if his young penis hadn't blocked out the rest of the world. (Orientation: ignoring queerness my favorite writers of English prose are Edward Gibbon, Vladimir Nabokov, Evelyn Waugh, a massive bunch of 17th century Englishmen and P.G. Wodehouse.)

Homoerotic music, anyone? The Pet Shop Boys (obviously), Jimmy Somerville (love those falsettos and countertenors) and forever in the seamy slum at the back of my brain, Marc Almond. It has to be homo+erotic. Political anthems are admirable. I like funny songs but never want to hear them more than twice. I'm not expecting a gay Sarah Vaughan or Ella Fitzgerald but some of the sexiness needs to be in the voice. Euro-disco, synthpop very welcome.


I'll own that I may not cotton to your suggestions but you should make them anyway.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Funny gay prose, sexy gay music.

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Funny gay prose, sexy gay music
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