Geodon and Lexapro

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Charles, my ex is doing well.

After several years of psychiatric drug roulette he finally found a doctor who prescribed drugs that have calmed him down.

Geodon and Lexapro.

The train of circumstances that led him to this doctor were nasty. He found himself put in a psychiatric hospital against his will. The let him out the next day realizing that he wasn’t so violent as needing to be locked up. And sent him to the psychiatrist whose prescriptions have brought order to his life.

Had this happened a year ago we might still be together. Probably why I dreamed we’d gotten back together the other night.

He may have found a good guy for himself. Even if he hasn’t there seems to be no shortage of men who are interested in him.

He’s likely to remain one of the most important people in my life. I hope he finds his own happiness.


I have been on lexapro for a couple of months with good results, but it wasn’t killing the ‘high’s or manic episodes. Today my psychiatrist set me up with geodon after giving me my official diagnosis; atypical bipolar dissorder.

Do you think that you could tell me about how, specifically, this combo is working for your ex?

When he was taking the pair of drugs it kept him calm and lucid. He was able to control all of his extravagant emotions.

Sadly, he decided to stop taking the drugs and within two weeks he was dead from a drug overdose.

My overall impression was that he’d never taken anything that did more to help his condition.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Geodon and Lexapro.

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