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I remember once being told that Camus said the most important question in life was why not commit suicide. It has been too long ago for me to remember if that proved true. I only recall not agreeing. What a grim take on life.

For me the great question is why I don’t follow the dictates of reason more. Not in every respect: no illusions of being superhuman here.

I’ve done little to improve my life of late. There are things I must do if I’m going to meet anyone, even for casual play.

So I feel bitterly irked with myself. There’s no excuse. Charles is too long gone. Time is for me to be living as I did before I met him.

Inertia - the resistance to change, to modifying habits seems in itself a damnable pernicious thing. And I seem ruled more by inertia than anything else.

The cure? I don’t know.


My advice:

Instead of asking yourself “What should I be doing?”, ask yourself, “What should I be doing NEXT?” In other words, just think of the next thing to do, and do that thing.

Make a point of doing one thing each day that will contribute to some goal that you have.

If it’s a matter of habits, start small. Change something very small and stick with it for a while.

And if you are like most people and never get any exercise, try to go for a walk every day. Exercise is wonderful for increasing your feeling of self-efficacy, which will help the other stuff.

I never do what I want to do either, so take this with a grain of salt.


It is a group of inter-related things. I’ll try to do an adequate post about it all sometime.

i’ve always thought you had easy potential. i guess you just got sidetracked. i don’t think it’s too late (is it ever). this is the sort of nervous energy i run on. everyday i think to myself “there’s no time left, get crackin’” (must have something to do with my dad dying of cancer).

surely you remember the days when you were healthy, chugging vitamins, and pumping iron? i think you have a headstart AND advantage. i know people who looked horrible all their lives, so imagining what being healthy to them is inconceivable. you, on the other hand, only need to look back.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Inertia.

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