Medicinal Gluttony

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Lack of nicotine continues to leave me fuzzy, inert. In the past withdrawal has caused my mood to yoyo. This time Iím sleeping a lot. Wholly unmotivated: not working on my web pages, reading Live Journals, cleaning the house.

With the steady stimulation of tobacco and menthol withdrawn my mouth feels hot and itchy. Iíve been dosing myself with cheap, shabby food products; sugar, salt and artificial flavorings bound to corn, potatoes and flour. You always wonder what all that disodium guanylate is doing to your innards.

Iím weary of crunchy crap. Iíd planned to go buy something more wholesome with fiber and flavors not created in a lab. Then it started to snow. Just enough to send the citizens of Durham fleeing home. Most of them stopping en route to strip shelves of bread, eggs and milk.

It took us almost ninety minutes to get back from the video store, a trip that usually takes fifteen on a busy day.

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Medicinal Gluttony
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