Merry Christmas Sweetheart

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Charles' Christmas presents arrived today. I ordered them on November 14th. Much confusion and a couple of telephone calls later they arrive ten weeks later. Being an ecommerce seller myself I'm not peeved. It it must be complicated to be a touring musician and a man of commerce with a part-time staff of one.

What did I buy Charles: two CDs, one cassette tape, a stack of sheet music all by a white gospel group called the Chuck Wagon Gang and Mull's Singing Convention Vol. 7, a hymnal often used by CWG.

Odd stuff for a gay atheist to be buying you might think. Charles is a High Church third-generation Episcopal Liturgical organist. Making him an odd recipient. Even though Charles grew up in a house where Bach was often played on the gargantuan family pipe organ he grew up in Asheville, NC. He takes as much pleasure in 1950s white gospel quartet singing as he does baroque music.

Listening to the Chuck Wagon Gang takes him back to when most of his family was alive; a happy successful future seemed assured. Crohn's disease, acid reflux and a list of problems I'll omit have left him feeling too much has been subtracted from his life.

Always makes me happy when I can get these for him.

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